A full-featured POS system is the major step up from the traditional cash register. Along with processing orders, a POS  system carries a number of features to save you money and time. In addition to speeding up transactions, a POS system can track stock and sales history to help you make smarter purchasing decisions based on trends. Maintain a customer database  for extended services. Keep track of employee time clocks and sales to ensure accuracy and know what aspects need  attention.
Sales - Simplified checkouts for both business and customers. Reduce long wait or lines with easy to use scanners and  quick touch screens.

Inventory - Easily track stock levels. Stay ahead of demand and reduce unnecessary investment.

E commerce - Grow your business by reaching a wider audience. Set up shop on the web with ease.

Reports - Know everything there is to know about your business. Access, process and print various data to meet your and  your customers’ needs.

Organization - Eliminate the small headaches. Inventory, customer info, returns/exchanges, credit card processing, rewards  programs, all in one machine.

Customers - Retain info and history of purchases to learn more about your customers and what they buy. Entice and increase  sales with a rewards program and informed inventory.

Security - Provides peace of mind. Ensures protection for your business and most importantly your customer’s sensitive  credit card information.

Customizable - Helps you run your business the right way, your way.

Growth - Beat your competitors. With all the necessary information at your fingertips, make faster and better business  decisions.
100% Touch Operated
Visual Floor Management
Complete Hostess Features such as Reservations, Wait List & Guest Paging
Advanced CRM such as Gift Card, House Account, Frequent Buyers
CallerID Integration, MapPoint Integration, Coin Dispenser Integration
Labor & Scheduling Management
Menu Recipe Control & Complete Inventory Management
Payment Processing Integration
One Touch Order Split & Combine
Multiple Check Tender Support
Multiple Kitchen Routing Destinations
Ready for Online Food Ordering Integration
Ready for Kitchen Display Integration
Ready for Fingerprint Authentication Integration
Ready for Liquor Dispenser System Integration
Ready for Hotel/Resort Room Charge Integration
Extensive Management Reports
And much more all included in the standard package!
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