Cash Register Express works EVERYWHERE!

Convenience Stores
Hair Salon
Grocery Stores
Apparel Stores
Liquor Stores
Retail Stores
Dollar Stores
Rental Stores


Fast Lookups by Barcode
Customer Quick Search
Salesperson and Cashier Tracking
Flexible Pricing
Microsoft Access
Compatible Credit Card Processing with PC Charge
QuickBooks Compatible
Integrates Portable POS
Scale Interface
Built in Backup
ID Scanner
Coupons and Gift Certificates
Handles Customer Account
Password Protection
Detailed Inventory Reports
Management Reports
Promotions for Preferred Customers
Financial Summaries

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Cash Register Express:

Cash Register Express (CRE) is an industry leading POS software system that is used in thousands of stores worldwide. Cash Register Express can be setup to be used in several different ways. It can be used for a retail store, a fine-dining restaurant with table service, a quick service restaurant with counter service, or a corporate office for a chain of stores

Cash Register Express will turn your retail store into a more profitable venture. It will provide accurate inventory, accurate accounting, quick transaction processing, reduction in employee and customer theft, plus much more. It works great in tons of different kinds of business like convenience store, liquor stores, cell phone, video and tuxedo rentals, and many more. Call (866)468-5767 today to see if Cash Register Express is the right solution for your pos software needs.
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